Posted by: cousindampier | 2 September 2009

The Vaunted First Post

HAVING no idea what to post here, on this inaugural post, I turned to some of my favorite blogs to garner a little inspiration. Does one just leap in or explain what this is for?

After doing so, I find I’m still at square one.  Some just started writing; others explained what they were writing about. All it means is I have the opportunity to do this whichever way I want, while hopefully not messing it up in the process.

As a student of history, I always appreciate a good thesis (well, that and it was drilled into my head), so I’ll start there.  This blog, mainly, is dedicated to the study of the relationship between the modern state, war, and globalization; not only how those interact with each other, but also how they shape the world inhabited as it is today, through national and international laws and norms, the opening and closing of cultures and societies, and the way states choose to exert themselves outside their borders.  Those being three broad subjects, this is not, by any means, authoritative.  Each of those elements has many others associated with it – geography, for instance, affects all three in very different ways.  Overall, this blog’s raison d’être is for the study of what makes these things relate – something I hope to pursue more in depth later in life, and which fascinated me during college.

The best part of having such a broad thesis is I can go about discussing it in any way; so in one sense this blog has a mission, in another it has the ability to be broken down into little parts and looked at from many angles, and in a third sense, seeing where it goes will be a lot of fun.

With that, from one of my favorite blogs: If Maps Could Fight


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