Posted by: cousindampier | 8 December 2009

And We’re Back

In the words of that guy who flew his F-18 into the alien laser in Independence Day, “I’m back!”

While I was gone – actually, the day I left – Kotare began a fantastic series of posts about Cohorts of War. What would generations of warfare look like if we divided them based on social structure and its reflection in military organization rather than on technological prowess, as we are prone to do? He goes into great detail about each generation, and this is ongoing.

Also, I missed Obama’s announcement about Afghanistan. Can 30K troops buy enough time to properly train enough mid-level military leaders and establish enough of a legitimate presence in the countryside to begin to pull out significant numbers of troops? Advisors are going to be there for a long time, as they should be, but a year and a half is short time frame. The government is a special concern. Troops can buy the time, and the military can be trained, but both of those are jobs the international community can handle. Erasing corruption and changing a governing culture looks a lot harder than that.

I don’t think we are looking for perfect anymore, just stable enough to begin to grow.


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