Posted by: cousindampier | 28 January 2010


It was brilliant! It was awful! – various politicos on American teevee over the next week.

Really, Obama’s speech was the most interesting State of the Union I’ve heard. It was humorous, and channeled Teddy Roosevelt on a domestic scene – he reached out with one hand, and carried a big stick with the other.

Also, I really appreciated the number of times Obama pointed out people in the audience: 0.

Of course, this was kind of offset by the number of personal stories he told.

I miss the days when members of Congress were 1. Americans, 2. Congresspeople, and 3. Republicans/Democrats. Two and three are reversed – and so are one and three, for that matter. For that reason, the speech was both inspiring and depressing. Inspiring because of the path it pushes us down, and depressing because somehow Congress will mess this up.

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