Posted by: cousindampier | 24 March 2010


The rest of the world cares about Health Care because the debate over climate change was not going to start until it ended.

Private military contractors are evolving into PMI plus – they’re winning government contracts to do some state-building. In the Kaplan interview from That’s Capital, he discusses one reason why the Pentagon is more effective in responding to disasters, and that is area commands as opposed to country-specific focus. His point is strong – the Marshall Plan is often cited as an example of aid well done, but the plan was based on Europe banding together and giving America a comprehensive list of needs, rather than a country-by-country approach.

More Kaplan: Article from The Atlantic entitled ‘Man versus Afghanistan‘. The history of Afghanistan in geopolitical terms, and how McChrystal views the good and the bad of the situation faced there now. The entire process will go long beyond the talk of troop draw-down. It should happen, but not so fast that the bottom falls out from the Afghan state. 15 months may be right, but advisors will be there much longer.


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