Posted by: cousindampier | 24 March 2010

Worrying signs from Obama

Thomas Barnett posted an excellent question and analysis into the current president, stating:

The Luce and Dombey bit about “who’s in charge?” misleads, in my mind. I fear that Obama is far too in charge and that what we suffer is underempowered subordinates, the result being a profound lack of strategic imagination. Where are the bright lights of this administration on foreign policy? I mean, we’ve got names and reputations, but other than the apology tour, the flow of big ideas internationally is non-existent. It seems they’re all used up domestically and we’re seeing a commensurate neediness on the foreign policy side that everyone–friend and foe alike–are picking up.

Obama did a great job of darn near instantly recalibrating our relationship with the world, and I can understand the tight control on that process, but now’s the time to turn the assembled talent loose, and so far this does not seem to be the case.

Aype. I’d written off the foreign news as a consequence of domestic focus + Afghanistan, but continuing to do so becomes more difficult as times goes on. Truth is, after the Egypt speech, not much has happened which has returned good news.

Obama, however, seems to show a trait of starting out quickly, slowing down as the reality of the situation sets in, and then making smart decisions to right the ship and get it moving quickly, efficiently, and successfully again. With the passage of the health care bill, this may be the down time he needs.

If not, Barnett is probably right in saying, “I sense a flood of bitter memoirs coming in 2013, and that most will be painfully on-target.”

That would be a sad ending to the most promising President since…Reagan, probably. Or Kennedy, if you so choose.


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