Posted by: cousindampier | 6 April 2010

Fighting War Morally

Rupert Smith made the point that wars will be fought amongst the people, both on the battlefield and through public perception. While people are on the battlefield in the tactical sense, they are reachable by mass media – we can call this the strategic sense.

(Not a new thought, but I like to start from a solid point)

Inkspots has a post about wikileaks and 17 minutes of footage from an Apache attack which killed 12 in 2007.

The question this post brings up: how well can a state keep things hidden now? Between what is available on the internet and what can be leaked anonymously, in addition to traditional methods such as FOIA requests, the task of keeping information from citizens is daunting.

At the same time, the open forum creates a lot of discussion, like Small Wars Journal, and that kind of sharing is never bad.


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