Posted by: cousindampier | 23 April 2010

Hunting the LRA

In what will, one day, be a movie, Uganda is hunting Joseph Kony using former LRA child soldiers. Kony is the head of the LRA, and remains on the move between Congo, the CAR, and Sudan.

But that may be changing. Every day, dozens of squads of Ugandan soldiers, several thousand in total, suit up at dawn with assault rifles and belt-fed machine guns slung over their backs, rubber Wellington boots pulled up to their shins and their bodies powered by a few scalding cups of tea and some banana porridge.

Commander Makasi, 35, leads one of these squads. The Ugandan officers seem impressed by his professionalism and say that of the several hundred former rebels who have worked for the army, few, if any, have defected. Human rights observers said the Ugandan military had performed admirably in this operation.

“I’m really pleased by their behavior,” said Anneke Van Woudenberg, a researcher for Human Rights Watch. “And they’re doing a hell of a hard job.”


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