Posted by: cousindampier | 24 April 2010

In the spirit of complexity

As humans, we have the tendency to make things complex. We can, and its natural – while cameras in the phones works now, the first idea was probably similar to this, and was a bit extraneous.

But in that spirit of moving to the complex, AidWatch posted about individual rights in rich versus developing countries.

The difference is striking. While developed nations look to Thomas Jefferson, developing nations look to a hundred-plus page world bank report on good governance which doesn’t once mention individual rights.

Simple is sometimes better. That idealist creed which underlies much of America today is essential in the way Americans view their own politics; and while America is the garden of globalization, why hasn’t this notion of politics flowered along with the economics?



  1. That difference is interesting. Do you really think Thomas Jefferson’s ideas were simple? Or just in comparison to what I can imagine is the overblown detail provided by the World Bank? I think worrying about individual rights tends to be done more by the rich. In a poor country, people are first and foremost considered about security and filling basic needs, and the politics probably reflects that. I really don’t know who “developing” nations should be looking to, but there are so many dysfunctional aspects still in all of the “developed” nations’ governments that I’m not sure we’re qualified to be models.

  2. I really love your picture, btw 🙂

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