Posted by: cousindampier | 24 July 2010

Weekly Notes

Near the end of Robert Kaplan’s Mediterranean Winter, he interviews Patrick Leigh Fermor. Fermor mentions the necessity of keeping an encyclopedia near the dinner table, to better resolve debate. I’ve no idea of these will prove useful again, but they stuck out in my mind.

From The Economist’s Eastern Approaches, John Kunstadter updates daily a travel site about Belarus. The black and white effect makes his work appear to be from a former age, which makes the photos all that more poignant.

The ICJ rules that Kosovo’s independence does not violate international law. No rush of nations recognizing Kosovo yet though, outside of those which originally did. Given the circumstances surrounding Kosovo (regional war, followed by a civil war), a rush of cultural nations declaring independence seems unlikely, except in Somalia.

In a nation which worships individual achievement, bankers are viewed the same way. Do they deserve it? (No.)

Stimulus programs were effective in Asia. Why do they get blasted in America?

In the world of counterinsurgency, is David Kilcullen the equivalent of Walter Cronkite, and is his pessimism a bad sign?


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