Posted by: cousindampier | 27 July 2010

The Long Recession and Political Apathy

“Some thoughts on the political implications of a long recession” – Fabius Maximus

There is a deep and wide gulf between the two parties in the United States. Neither of those gaps seems to be narrowing, and the lack of political will is terribly frustrating. Looking for a politician with a well thought out idea is a bygone era; now, independent thought, just the ability to have a new idea and speak out about it – that attracts attention. It’s a sad place to be, where, as Bruce Bartlett says, we face “political gridlock between the sensible but cowardly party [Democrats]and the greedy, sociopathic [Republicans] party.”

Reading and following politics is frustrating, probably during eras without looming problems; as we find ourselves in such an era, the lack of will to do anything about it – by Democrats unwilling to stand up and argue points they believe in, and by Republicans pandering to a small populist base and unwilling to face a compromise, much less offer one – breeds apathy.


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