Posted by: cousindampier | 3 February 2011

Four Links on Egypt and one on…something else

Abu Muqawama:

A set of links (I link you to links, that is how this works).  But it is a set of very good links to read.

Conservatives and USAID:

When you cut things down and divide them up and label them, looking at a larger picture is awfully difficult to do.  When aid is just aid, and Defence has a big name like Defence, looking at the whole strategic situation of America is difficult – and this doesn’t even cover the tendency of Congresspeople to campaign on stances of security and defence.

Aid isn’t just money to the poor.  Aid is important to make situations like Iraq and Afghanistan not happen again.

Michael J. Totten interviews Abbas Milani:

Michael Totten does the most fantastic interviews.  This is a really interesting piece on the Iranian Revolution and its effects today, including how it is similar and dissimilar to Egypt.

An Israeli view of Egypt, from Benjamin Kerstein (via Michael Totten’s page)

“The result has been that most Israelis have long since given up hope that the Arab world can or wanted to change. Things were the way they were and we would have to accept that. As a result, two schools of thought developed: One held that, since the Arabs would never change, we would have to reach peaceful reconciliation with the situation as it was, however difficult and unstable. The other claimed that peace with such neighbors was ultimately impossible, and that Israel should hunker down, make itself as close to militarily invulnerable as possible, and look to its own prosperity and development. This situation has held for decades, and even the American push for democratization during the war with Iraq did not change things. Most Israelis considered it misguided idealism at best and dangerous naivete at worst.”

Barnett on Egypt

This was a lot of fun to read

“Globalization is impinging on a part of the world that is not ready for it and will experience tremendous social, economic, political and security tumult as it absorbs its impact.  That penetration process is not some elite conspiracy in the West; it’s a demand-pull primarily by youth and middle class and students – and oppressed women – locally.”

I haven’t had the opportunity to follow what happened as well as I would’ve in America.  Between missing the State of the Union and not following this – because in America, I would be attached to the internet, reading about both – I feel a little strange.  Disconnectedness is nice, but strange.

Also, in the sense that any event is related to another, how much is Egypt connected to Tunisia connected to Lebanon connected to Iraq?


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