Posted by: cousindampier | 24 June 2011

A few neat websites




I am sitting in the Ruapehu Library, following the NBA Draft, and thinking about how much I enjoy long journalism.  This used to be satisfied, on some level, by The Atlantic and Esquire. But the three sites above have very quickly jumped up my list of favourite places to visit.

Byliner made quick headlines a very short while ago with its first piece – Jon Krakauer’s investigation of Greg Mortenson.   Some of their headlines cost, which can be frustrating, but nearly everything on the site is absolutely fascinating.

Grantland is a new sports site, started by Bill Simmons.  It focuses on longer sports journalism – a hybrid between what Simmons writes about, a blend of fan and opinion pieces, and a site like Byliner.  One of the first pieces up was a story on what it meant to be a fan of the New York Knicks, after a decade of frustration, bad trades, and poor performance.

Grantland also allows Chuck Klosterman a space to write, which is fantastic.

Instapaper is the key, for me, to both of these sites.  Plug in any website into instapaper and it saves the text, allowing me to download it to read for later.  This became important approximately 6 weeks ago, when I had dialup internet in the ranch house I lived, and any news I remotely wanted to read became an enormous hassle.

(An unrelated note: The Charlotte Bobcats just drafted Bismack Biyombo.  Look at that name! The NBA is the best.)

So a short blurb on two sites which I find remarkably interesting and very funny, and one which I now visit more than politicalwire.  Which says something.


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