Posted by: cousindampier | 24 September 2011

September 11th

For a while, I tried to write something on September 11th.   This year, with the death of UBL, what happened on September 11th seems to have come full cycle.

So was my thought.

This post on MilPub is one of the most thought-provoking (and best) discussions of 9/11 I read.

Can you imagine a United States with “secret prisons”? With nameless prisoners, latter-day Monte Cristos but in their orange jumpsuits and hoods? With secret letters demanding secret interrogations, carried on in secret and then buried below further layers of secrecy, lowered into a well a midnight, never to be known?

Is this the United States we pledged to as children? And if not, why not?

Because of some raggedy Islamic fantasists plotting in some dumpy motel in Lahore?

Or because of…us?

Again, to undo all of this harm would be to admit that we were sniveling, mewling cowards to begin with. To admit that we fucked up dozens of people’s lives for no better reason than our own bed-wetting fears. And to accept the calumny due us for being frightened little weasels too small to deserve the freedoms we so boldly lay claim to, and yet so quickly piss away rather than face any potential for harm.

And we would rather give up ALL those freedoms than accept that.

Read it in full, if you so like; but the thesis still stands – the current generation of decision-making Americans is far too selfish and short-sighted to make decisions benefiting the country. The status-quo is too valuable to uphold, and people want things to go back to the good ol’ days where we made things and influenced the world, without actually changing anything we make nor admitting that our influence must be different than it used to be.

And America can get back to that – the ideals established in the Constitution, even partially lived up to, are incredible.  But not the way Americans are dealing with it now.

On the flip side, maybe this is just some cathartic crisis moment, and everything will work out.


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