Posted by: cousindampier | 6 October 2011

The Next Few Budgets Will Be Very Important

Slouching Towards Columbia – Modernize This

“Even if a rational strategic and logistical assessment were to conclude the Defense budget still had to rise, the notion that there is nothing in it worth cutting for fear of harming national security is dangerous. It poisons the well for future defense acquisitions and planning and merely protects entrenched interests and those with the greatest bureaucratic inertia and talent. Since the growth of programs does not simply consume resources, but create political and bureaucratic power, a refusal to rein in the simultaneous profligacy and inefficiency of our defense apparatus.”

That the Defense Department, Congress, and the Industry are all in bed together is no surprise. Only point I’d add is in addition to now being the end (or beginning of the end) of big government and cheap money, it is the end of national security being thought of mainly in terms of the DoD and equipment purchases. ¬†Everybody can’t have theirs, and means need to match the ends more – that whole thing.

Oh, and maybe, maybe we see the beginnings of a new grand strategy.







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