Posted by: cousindampier | 31 December 2011

A short list of Rational and Irrational Things I hope to see in 2012

More EPL soccer
Elias Harris put it all together
His teammates mob Sacre as the Zags make the Final Four
Pangos drain some huge game-winning three, and STILL not smile
Meeting Pablo and Ingrid again, in Chile or here or wherever
Seeing a dear friend get married in Kazakhstan
Listening to Felix pitch with an 0-2 count, in the bottom of the ninth of Game 7 of the World Series, and knowing, for once, the M’s are going to win it
My bank accounts rise above zero
My savings rise above $3,000
A plan on paper for where to go next
Some sort of essay emerge containing my idea for graduate school
Trombone Shorty in concert
Macklemore in concert
The view from the top of a mountain (meaning I’m finally boarding again)
Nicole and Bernie and Logan
Greg and Carmel
No books left to read on my bookshelves
A story I will write
One of my best friends get married
Rugby Sevens in Las Vegas – hell, just rugby on tv
Woman’s Crew at the London Olympics
Din and Anthony and Becca and Brinta and Ru
The SuperSonics.
The finish line at whatever race
Everybody in DC
The Roots. After missing them three times.
Warm Sunshine
My own road bike
Obama re-elected
Sam Harris talk in person
My own sub 6-mile
Tattoo number two
A Rockets game with Curtis
More beer with friends in Spokane
more card games I get to win
And more time with family and friends of whatever sort.

and my own X-Wing.


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