Posted by: cousindampier | 26 May 2014

The (Publishable) List

This is a list of all the stuff I still have left to do.  It is by no means complete, but I am done thinking about it all.  It’s not really a bucket list, because I want to do it all by 40.  If its done by 40, it will mean:

a) things have gone remarkably well

b) I’ll be living on borrowed time, and

c) I might be crazy

But the future is just dreams wrapped in mystery, so here are the not-personal ones.  (Those would be pretty boring to read about anyway).

1. Big Goals

Become a paid, published book author
Complete a 50-mile ultra
Complete an Ironman Triatholon
Get published as a journalist
Visit Every Continent
Get a skydive certification
Become tri-lingual
Do all 9 NZ Great Walks
Complete the Speights Coast to Coast Race
Learn to Sail (and buy a sailboat)
Complete the American Road Trip
Kill the student loans
Go to Kings College for graduate school

2. The Seven Continents and the Seven Seas (plus one)

Asia (Central Asia Aug 2013 – May 2014)
Europe (December 2013)
North America (not the USA)
South America
Adriatic Sea
Black Sea
Red Sea
Arabian Sea
Persian Gulf
Caspian Sea
Caribbean Sea

3. Education-Based Goals

Get a Masters degree
Get a PhD (small conflicts and drug networks)
Learn to Surf
Learn to play the harmonica
Learn to make three really good meals without recipes
Learn to speak fluent Spanish
Learn to make yoga a regular habit
Learn Krav Maga and get to a graduate-level
Take a stand-up or improve class
Learn to ski
Learn to not die on the rail park on a snowboard
Learn better time-management skills
Learn to do a handstand
Learn three kinds of tie knots
Learn to dance
Memorize ten poems or speeches

4. Man-Made Wonders

Pyramids at Giza
Great Wall of China
Taj Mahal
Angkor Wat
Chicken Itza
Macchu Picchu
Christ the Redeemer Statue
Eiffel Tower (December 2013)
Hagia Sophia
Neuschwanstein Castle
Easter Island
Statue of Liberty
Mona Lisa
Red Square

5. Natural Wonders

Table Mountain
Galapagos Islands
Igazu Falls
Aurora Borealis
Grand Canyon
Amazon River
Ha Long Bay
Milford Sound
Cliffs of Moher
Strait of Magellan

6. Coolest Activities

Run with the Bulls
White-Water Rafting
Climb a 4,000 meter peak
Climb a 5,000 meter peak
Climb a 6,000 meter peak
Climb a 7,000 meter peak
Shark Diving
Whale Watching
BASE jumping
Get a professional massage
Go SCUBA diving
Ride the rail park (without falling)
Spartan Race
4 Deserts Races
Ride a camel
Go boating in Sydney Harbour
Bungee Jumping
Drink absurdly expensive scotch (older than me)
Spend a day writing in Key West
Gamble on sports in Las Vegas
A jersey of all-time favourite players for every NBA team
Learn to play rugby
Routeburn Race
Kepler Race
Give a speech to a college graduating class

7. Biggest Sporting Events

Rugby World Cup
Football World Cup
Super Bowl
NBA Finals
Champions League Final
Boston Marathon

8. Biggest Parties

Mardi Gras
Burning Man
St. Patties Day in Ireland
Day of the Dead

9. Greatest Trips

West Coast of Ireland by bike
Hook of Holland to Istanbul, along the Danube
Andes, north to south
Camio de Santiago
Canoil Trail

10. Greatest Cities

Rio de Janiero
Havana, Cuba
Santiago, Chile
Bogota, Colombia
Vienna, Austria
Zagreb, Croatia
Sarajevo, Bosnia
Bucharest, Romania
Istanbul, Turkey (Christmas 2013, and right now)
Terhan, Iran
Hong Kong
Sydney, Australia
Rabat, Morocco
Vancouver, Canada
San Francisco, California
Mexico City
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Mumbai, India

11. The Ends of the Earth
Dushanbe, Tajikistan
Machu Picchu
Door to Helll (Turkmenistan)
Antananarivo, Madagascar
South Pole
Tierra del Fuego

12. The others
Start my own podcast
Get my own podcast to have subscribers
Make money independently of being hired by a company
Do 1,000 pushups within an hour
Achieve zero debt
Oscar Wilde’s grave
Meet Shakira
Coffee overlooking the Eifffel Tower
Hold a Snake
Swim with a Whale Shark
Swim with Dolphins
Drive from Spain to Switzerland
Stop traveling with so much stuff*

*I might be in Istanbul, and I might have just paid a murderous baggage fee


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