Posted by: cousindampier | 30 May 2014

The Way Home, Day 4


The London apartments are flowing by, and it is a strange scene.   The world outside is dim gray clouds and beautiful green trees.  The white buildings are made darker by the clouds, and all this causes the green to stand out.

I am on a bus from London to Birmingham, just staring out the window.  I have Neil Gaiman’s ‘American Gods’ in my backpack, but I can only sometimes read on bus trips.  Looking out at everything which passes by reveals a lot about a place, and I have some sort of fascination with observing it at a distance, a quickly moving distance.

It’s been a long day, an early wakeup in Istanbul, a flight to London, and a re-introduction to the pound and English prices.  I’m headed to Leamington Spa, where my friend Davinia has generously offered me a couch to sleep on as well some advice and coaching through graduate school issues in the UK.  The next week is crucial in any number of ways, but it remains the best chance I have to set everything up for the next year (to four).

My mind is a bit elsewhere as I put these words down.  I am nervous.  Incredibly so, in many ways, because the next week can go so many ways.  I don’t know what to expect nor how to approach going to Kings and dealing with an acceptance fee which is due in 20 days and which I don’t have in full.  It’s led to sleepless hours and lots of walks.  It’s lead to a lot of crumpled paper thrown against a full wastebasket, and a lot of searching for names and emails.

I am nervous because the next week determines much of the next year, and I only get this one chance to make a good start at that.


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