Posted by: cousindampier | 3 November 2014

The Fall Bucket List

The summer of 2014 was busy.

But before we even get into the nonsense that is the second half of 2014, let’s watch the first 30 seconds of this:

Some questions:

-Why is there a pineapple on the Mixer?

-Can we discuss how funny the coconut slowly dripping milk is?  Because its pretty funny.  Especially since the coconut is resting on a metallic hand.

-I had to reload this video a bunch (research) and the ad before it was from Century Link, with a man in a suit selling me on how fast my internet connection would be using a cheetah as an example.  At first, this seemed like the worst possible ad to have before a Nikki Minaj video.  As I thought about it more and more, it seemed appropriate.

The rest of the video is sort of not worth watching.  Mostly.  Anyways, onto the list:

The Big Goals
Get published as a journalist – Might not happen, but progress will be made. I’ve moved on from a bland goal of “Write 1,000 words a day!” to “Write 1,000 words a day on this topic!” Organization helps, structure helps – but coming through and producing on a daily basis is really all which matters.
Complete a 50 mile race – One of the items to chart on here is 12 marathons in 12 months. The epic story of October’s marathon is pretty short: I trained for it, I got the hoodie, I came down with a cold two days before, and the worst day of the cold was race day.

Thrilling, I know.

Get a skydive certification – Starts in spring, the course lasts a month or so (it appears).
Go to Kings College for Graduate School – September 2015, and I’m in!
Tri-lingual – I won’t end up speaking three languages by next summer. But with months of work on Spanish and Russian, yada, yada, ya. Even I’m falling asleep discussing this one.

The Seven Continents and Seven Seas, Plus One
North America (Not the USA) – If I don’t make it to Canada in the next ten months, this whole list gets scrapped. Seriously, It’s like a ten minute walk from my front door.

Education-based Goals
Get a Master’s Degree – The process will begin.
Learn not to die in the rail park on a snowboard – a season’s pass ought to help. Having said that, I should probably buy a helmet.*
Learn to make three really good meals without recipes – The best part of this list might be its vagueness with goals such as these. What are three really good meals? Who knows! Maybe I get to make killer Mac and Cheese and couple it with guacamole and call it classic.

But seriously, probably time to learn to cook.

Learn three kinds of tie knots – A few weeks ago, I was walking into a grocery store to buy a snack before work. Out front was a kid standing in front of a table, wrapped in a fall jacket. Against all better judgement, I didn’t divert to the far away entrance, and instead kept walking and as I approached earshot, the kid starts to ask if I want to buy some food to support the Boy Scouts.

I kind of brush the kid off, saying “no but good luck” only to take one step inside the store and realize that I’m probably a jerk, this kid is just trying to raise money, and he’s probably had a hundred people say no to him so far.

So I go back outside and spend $10 on a goddamn bag of caramel corn.

Anyway, the point of this is that I’m going to learn to tie some knots so I can sell bags of caramel corn for $10.

Coolest Activities
Climb a 4,000 meter peak – Rainier, I’m looking your way. I need some practice to get on top of Rainier** and I don’t know if the spring will allow for that – well, that and I need a climbing partner to do this. I think. The point of this all is that will need an extended vacation at some point.
Bungee Jumping – I don’t know if I can do this in Seattle, but a quick google search does reveal stuff in Vancouver. Canada! It is time I return to the land of my ancestors.
Drink Absurdly Expensive Scotch (older than myself) – Yeah, so, uh…anybody got some lying around?

Greatest Cities
Vancouver, Canada – I can get something like four things crossed off if I go here.
San Francisco, CA – Because I feel like making earthquake jokes for the better part of a weekend. And I haven’t had the pleasure of driving Chris crazy for a while.

The Others
Start my own podcast – The idea is already mapped out. The dialogue to the first episode is already written out. It just need be recorded and built upon.  Well, that and a partner.
Make money independently of being hired by a company – It just has to be one article. Somewhere.
Do 1,000 pushups within an hour – I’m bad at pushups. This will not be fun.

The Others
52 Books – So far:
Paulo Coehlo – Adultery
Sebastian Junger – Fire
Gabriel Garcia Marquez – Clandestine in Chile
Learn to Rock Climb – I even learned how to belay, which is where you keep the other person from dying. A useful skill!
Do a Trail Marathon – Races are dumb, and that is why I enjoy them.

South America – Chile and Colombia are priorities. Probably not now, but soon.
Statue of Liberty – New York is not totally out of the question. Just likely.
Grand Canyon – Is it conceivable I fly to Las Vegas, rent a car for a day, and drive there? Yes. Is it a good idea? You may never hear from me again.
Montreal, Canada
Santiago, Chile and Bogota, Colombia – just in case that trip happens.



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