Posted by: cousindampier | 31 October 2016

Week in Review

The Scenery: The Gherkin.  It’s a fantastically strange building, looking like a teardrop.  For a  skyscraper – or as much of a skyscraper as London has due to aviation restrictions – it fits into the cityscape in a subtle way.  The building seemed to play hide-and-seek as I walked towards it, peeking out from amongst the surroundings; and even when I stood at its base, it didn’t seem like…what it was.  Because it looks strange as hell.


This statue in front of it was unique as well.  I took five steps to the right for each photo.

Beer: BrewDog.  For a few weeks I attempted to drink all of the BrewDog at the local Tesco market; then I had to switch to Heineken because it is cheaper.  It is one of the best beers widely available, and the brewpub is in London.  I haven’t been to the brewpub yet, because that requires putting on pants, but their punk IPA is the first thing you’d drink after a long voyage on some sort of a ship, where you’re desperate for beer.


Song I’ve been listening to on repeat: Genghis Khan by Miike Snow.  In DC I learned the fun of walking through an art museum while listening to music, and sometimes I think of London as a giant art museum.  It is pretty impossible not to have a surreal moment with this song, especially when crossing a bridge.  

Thesis note for the week: 90 tons of heroin flows into Central Asia from Afghanistan and only 75-80 flows out.  This would seem like a good note, except there are country by country breakdowns throughout the region, and over the past week my thesis has gone up in smoke.  Having said that, I do get to draw a lot.



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